Dr Lyn Bishop
Founder and Principal / CEO

Written by Dr Lyn Bishop, you are reading an excerpt of the full article The Journey Begins  , an inspiring story of the creation of Sheldon College.

Some people might see February 1997 as the birth of Sheldon College.

However, I believe Sheldon College had its beginnings some fifty-five years ago when my father walked out on us. From that day my mother began the task of laying the blueprint for emotional resilience in my brother and me. With no income and as a single parent we moved to a small town called Tambo in south-west Queensland to live with my grandparents.

My grandfather worked as a shearer in the outlying shearing sheds. He came home Friday evenings and left again Sunday mornings and I might say he was inebriated for the majority of the time he was home, God love him...

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