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ASTA Visual Art Exhibition

Sat, June 17, 2017

Despite some rather cold and wet conditions on Wednesday 14 June, many art lovers braved the weather and ensured that this year’s ASTA Visual Art Exhibition was another great success, with the Visual Art Prefects Ellie McBain and Aliya Yildirim doing a fantastic job as the MC’s for the evening, ensuring the smooth running of events whilst being charmingly informative. 

This year we looked to stories as our inspiration which made the Senior Learning Centre the perfect venue. As well as featuring outstanding student artworks from the Junior Art Workshops, the Middle College Visual Art Studios and the Senior ASTA Professionals program the evening also included story-telling from Senior Learning Centre Prefects Tara Alcorn who also spoke very eloquently on the intrinsic connection between stories in art and in books, and Dominik Kregar who enchanted the entire audience with a story which beautifully illustrated the art in all of us.

Each of the tutors in all different areas; Francesca Travers and Maddie Myers in JAWS, Chris Lambert in Middle College Visual Art Studios and ASTA Professionals and Robyn Foster in ASTA Professionals Program, have run excellent courses this semester, which have successfully challenged the students with new techniques and materials, all of which was very evident in the diversity and quality of artworks on display. Congratulations to all tutors and students on the hard work you put in and the results you achieved.

The crowd was also fortunate to be entertained by the very talented singers Brooke Szych and Jasmine Renny during the evening.

It was a wonderful evening that was only made possible with the excellent support and hard work of the always brilliant SLC team, Tracey Pollard and Kim Ketter. Thank you also to Dave Freeman and his team, Fabian Iseli and his staff and the Grounds team. Thank you also Mr Harvey, Dr Bishop and all the other staff who shared the evening with us, but especially to the parents who support and encourage the love of art in their young artists.

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