Principal's Message

Foot prints on our Souls

Just being with children every day makes us all aware as teachers how fortunate we are to be called to this profession. Teaching is not a job; it is a vocation – a calling. Is there any more noble profession than teaching? In teaching we are in the memory making business.

Teachers play such a critical role in the lives of children and that investment we make in our youth is repaid a thousand times over by the special footprints they leave on our souls.

Is it any wonder we wouldn’t swap our jobs for any other in the universe? Every day children teach us some very special lessons in life. But we also have a responsibility to prepare them for their future lives.

Together, the home and the school have such a short time to prepare each child for his or her life’s journey and to help shape the script they will carry through life. We prepare them for that journey by ensuring that we provide a good home, a quality education, good work habits, strong moral and ethical values and a respect and tolerance for their fellow man. How successful we are in that regard can only be measured decades after the school bell has ceased to ring.

Dr Lyn Bishop
Founder and Principal/CEO

BAHons (Psych), MEdAdmin, MEdStud, MBA, PhD(QLD), MAPsS, MACE, FACEL, FAIM, JP(QUAL),
AIM Professional Manager of the Year 1999, Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2002
(Social, Community, Not-For-Profit Organisation)

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